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May 9th, 2009
04:24 AM ET

This Morning On CNN Newsroom...

It is 4:23am ET/1:23am PT. We're all a little blurry eyed. No doubt the coffee is brewing and we are getting ready for a great show this morning. So here's what were working on for you: Two developing stories… severe weather doing some serious damage across parts of the country, and raging wildfires not letting up in California. Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf is tracking both.
Home sales are trying to rebound, which could be good news especially if you’re trying to sell. So is the housing market on the road to recovery? We'll get the lowdown from finance expert and author Clyde Anderson.
Here we go again! Another scandal rocks the baseball world. This time it’s the Dodgers Manny Ramirez. The league suspended him for using a banned drug. We'll talk to sports business analyst Rick Horrow about the whole mess. Tell us what you think about it as well. Are you still a fan of Ramirez or have your feelings changed?
Join Betty Nguyen, TJ Holmes and Reynolds Wolf for those stories and so much more. Wake up with CNN Newsroom starting at 6am ET/3 am PT.